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Looking for a property that can accommodate you and your friends? South Lake Tahoe vacation rentals offer visitors the luxuries of a vacation with the conveniences of home. Vacation rentals in South Lake Tahoe can accommodate parties anywhere from 2 to 24 people and even more! Check out these vacation rentals and get started on your South Lake Tahoe vacation!


Tahoe Keys Resort & Vacation Rentals

Tahoe Keys Resort & Vacation Rentals
One of the largest Lake Tahoe vacation rental companies with over 260 homes, cabins and condos. The vacation for a lifetime!

Tahoe Vacation Rentals by SplitVR

Tahoe Vacation Rentals by SplitVR
Over 300 vacation rental options all around the Lake. Easily Split the rental when booking for a stress free Lake Tahoe vacation

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Choose from over 350 houses, condos, chalets and cabins. Great deals for the holidays in South Shore.
Its not too late to make your holiday vacation plans! We have the largest inventory of properties at Lake Tahoe at the lowest prices..
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Book your holiday travel today at the South Tahoe Reservations Center!
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